Sweeten Up Your Menu With These Ginger Cocktails


Looking for a fun way to expand your drinks menu in the upcoming season? Then it may be time to try ginger cocktails. This root lends a brilliant flavour to many fun drinks. Check out these ideas: Ginger Mojitos Make a statement with a mojito that goes far beyond the usual mint flavor. Just like a traditional mojito, start with a shot or two of spiced rum, and follow that up with an equal amount of club soda.

4 June 2017

5 Varieties Of Potato That Are Ideal For Making Chips


If you own a food business that serves chips, you don't want to get stuck with bulk bags of potatoes that aren't ideal for chipping. Waxy potatoes should be avoided as their low water content leaves them with a slightly firm bite once cooked. Floury potatoes develop a crispy outer layer and fluffy inner layer when cooked in oil due to their higher water and starch content, so these varieties make excellent chips.

17 October 2016